About me

My name is Max and I'm a headshot and portfolio photographer based in London. I'm also a full time actor and performer.

I started my photography business in 2015 when I noticed a lot of my fellow actors complaining about the price of getting good headshots, and how bad cheap headshots were. *SPARK*. As I've always loved photography I knew I could bring something special and affordable to the industry.

As an actor I understand the nature of a good headshot, rather than just a pretty picture, and how to bring out the best in my client to get that magic shot.

As I have a keen interest in all things art and music, I wanted to explore them through photography. I recently set up the portfolio section of my business, giving an affordable and high end service where myself and my clients can get creative and capture some incredible shots for fashion, fitness, music and more

You can keep up with me and my photography by following me on Instagram. Hopefully see you soon. Lets shoot!